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Polymerisation Catalysts

Polymerisation Catalysts is an organic compound with the formula [(CH3)2C(CN)]2N2. This white powder is soluble in alcohols and common organic solvents but is insoluble in water. It is often used as a foamer in plastics and rubber and as a radical initiator. These radicals can initiate free radical polymerizations and other radical-induced reactions. For instance, a mixture of styrene and maleic anhydride in toluene will react if heated, forming the copolymer upon addition of AIBN.


Applications :

  • Polymerisation of styrene, MMA, HEMA, BMA and vinyl acetate.
  • Co-polymerisation of ethylene-vinyl acetate and ethylene-divinyl benzene.
  • Source of free radicals for selective halogenation

Physical Properties

Chemical Name

POLYAZO AZDN (FF/CP/CRP) 2,2'-Azobis (isobutyronitrile)



Physical Form

Crystalline white powder

Mol. Wt. g/mol


Melting Point (oC)

101-103 (with dec.)

Physical Properties

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